Our Services


  1. Safe and healthful living accommodations
  2. Three nutritionally well-balanced meals and snacks made available daily, including low salt or other modified diets prescribed by a doctor as a medical necessity.
  3. Personal assistance and care as needed by the resident and as indicated in the pre-admission appraisal, with those activities of daily living such as dressing, eating, bathing and assistance with taking prescribed medications.
  4. Regular observation of the resident’s physical and mental condition.
  5. Arrangements to meet health needs, including arranging transportation for Medical and Dental Care Services.
  6. A planned activity program which includes social and recreational activities appropriate to interests and capabilities of the resident.
  7. Weekly laundry


  1. Assistance with ambulation
  2. Showering needs above twice a week
  3. Laundry needs above once a week
  4. Assistance with meals
  5. Night Supervision
  6. Incontinent Care
  7. Transportation to physician visits (within 10mile radius)
  8. Assistance with medication compliance due to mental abilities or non-compliance


  1. Transfer dependency
  2. Daily bathing due to incontinence
  3. Daily laundry due to incontinence
  4. Increased supervision due to cognitive inabilities
  5. Transportation to physician visits with an attendant (within 10mile radius)
  6. Assistance with medication compliance due to mental abilities or non-compliance


  1. Additional Night Supervision – additional staffing
  2. Total Exception Care Request to feed Resident
  3. Re-positioning every two hours due to Bedridden status
  4. Total Comfort and Pain Management Care

For pricing inquiries please contact our office for a site tour of our facility and consultation. (Price varies, based on the level of care that's needed)